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Payday Loans news in november 2010
- Banks Overdraft Fees Higher Than Interest on Payday Loans
- Payday Loans in the UK will rise over Christmas

- Payday loan industry hopes state will loosen rules
- Christmas holiday loans from the bank or from a payday lender?
- Canadian payday lenders pay penalties
- Do all internet payday loans in UK require you to have direct deposit?
- Emergency loans through a local bank. But is it really that easy?
- Voters pass measures on loans
- Payday Loan CEO says: Free market is best
- More than one million people apply for payday loans

Payday Loans news in March 2009
- A move is afoot in the Arizona Legislature to perpetuate high-interest loans similar to the so-called payday loans offered from many storefronts.
- Check n’ Go no longer lending money in Virginia
- Washington state budget crisis has Governor Gregoire looking for easy options, avoiding hard choices
- Payday Loans and the Recession
- Payday loan rates higher in Nova Scotia
- Senate committee passes payday loan bill to invalidate any loan provided by an unlicensed payday lender

Payday loans news in April 2009
- Suspect robs Mesa Payday Loans store and ties up the employee
- Find compromise on payday loans
- State can't Reel in Online Payday Loans
- Pay Day Loans Threatened By New Bill
- 391 Percent Payday Loan
- Payday Advance Industry to Oppose the Payday Loan Reform Act of 2009
- Carson alters payday loan regulations
- Banks offer payday loans for quick cash
- Robbers hold up Portsmouth payday loan business
- Payday Lenders Find Support in Congress
- Check 'n Go Leads the Payday Loan Industry in Education
- Payday Lenders Battle Government Paternalism